Over the past 15 years, Bammel Architects has planned, designed, and guided construction for a wide range of residential and commercial projects.

Commercial architecture projects.

We create feasible solutions for all levels of development, new business, and expansion – while integrating vernacular and budget.

Residential architecture projects.

Whether it’s a new build or custom addition, we learn the needs of the homeowners to create a unique solution for a comfortable and enriching living experience.

Recreational architecture projects.

We understand the ever-changing philosophy of group and individual health and wellness. We express it in our design with appeal and flexibility to create a pleasant experience.

Health care architecture projects.

Through our continued relations with state authorities and understanding of social-economic conditions, we guide clients through successful projects and coordinate all specialty needs.

Religious architecture projects.

Faith-based organizations and community-based cultural outreach programs have gone through significant social revisions over the last several years. They have become multi-faceted, requiring flexible program spaces, integrated security, and many unique user group requirements.

Our approach is to help clients discover how to achieve their goals and maintain a practical budget. We organize decision-making into manageable steps, all while refining a master plan concept.

Historic architecture projects.

Our firm is deeply familiar with federal, state, and local standards and processes. We coordinate evaluations and scope with appropriate preservation and restoration.

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