St. John’s Lutheran Church, Orchard Park.

This project involved a major space analysis and evaluation of the entire church facility. The resulting design included a significant, yet charming, series of additions and renovations which completely relocated the existing Sanctuary, doubled the seating capacity, and added five classroom spaces. Perpendicular to the existing axis of the Sanctuary space, a new axis was constructed to align the additions of the Entry Vestibule, Sanctuary, and Altar Space. The existing Sanctuary and Altar Area was converted into a new Gathering Space/Narthex/Brides Room.

The entire church also became fully handicapped accessible to all of the existing levels by means of ramps and a lift. The adjacent Parsonage underwent renovations and was carefully integrated into the construction of the new Sanctuary addition.

A thorough energy-use investigation indicated the feasibility of updating the classroom windows, heating system, lighting, and insulation materials.

The success of this project is revealed in the contextual relationships the addition maintains with the existing Church, both internally and externally, and with the surrounding village neighborhood. Careful design consideration was given to respecting the given constraints, scale, materials, and proportions of the existing architectural features.